Earwax Removal By Microsuction

Earwax Removal By Microsuction


Earwax build-up can cause hearing loss, a feeling of fullness or pain in the ears, itchiness, tinnitus, vertigo (a feeling of spinning) or frequent ear infections. A safe way of managing this is earwax removal by microsuction.


£60 for one or both ears


If no wax is found there will be a £20 charge for the consultation. Within this we will always endeavour to try and offer advice regarding your ear symptoms.


At the start of the appointment we will show you the inside of your ear using a video otoscope and advise accordingly.


Sometimes all ear wax cannot be removed in a single visit. In these cases, we may recommend the use of suitable ear drops for a few days before we undertake a further wax removal treatment. If a second visit is recommended to complete wax removal there will not be any additional charge


We ask that if possible, you should use olive oil or another form of wax softener for a couple of days prior to your appointment unless you are known to have a perforated eardrum. We can advise on the timing of this at the time of booking if necessary.


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