Massage Therapy

Markland Massage Therapy provides a range of sport massage treatments.


Sports Massage is the manipulation of the bodies soft tissues (ligaments, tendons, muscles) and it can benefit everyone, not just those who play sport!


Massage can help to alleviate tension, enhance flexibility and range of movement and has been proven to reduce your stress levels.


Benefits of massage:


  • Release muscular tension from day-to-day stress/work
  • Encourage blood flow to a specific area to enhance nutrients/oxygen to the muscle
  • Increase joint range of motion by relieving tightness
  • Increase flexibility by warming the tissues and relaxing them
  • Eliminate exercise waste products (lactic acid, carbon dioxide, fluid etc).
  • Increase sense of well-being
  • Decreased chance of injury (less stiffness means less chance of tissue tearing)
  • Decrease muscle spasms (often brought on by fatigue)

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