Osteopathy is a primary health-care profession that focuses on improving the structural balance of the body particularly the spine, muscles and joints.


Osteopaths recognise the body as a living vital organism with a tendency towards self healing, elimination and health. They aim to restore health in the individual by removing barriers to the body’s self healing mechanism thereby promoting physical, mental and social wellbeing. Osteopaths therefore treat the person as a whole and do not focus on the presenting symptoms. This approach not only helps address the reported injury but will usually reduce the chance of them returning in future.

​Osteopathic treatment is non invasive and drug free. It uses a combination of manipulation, mobilisation, soft tissue work, adjustment, exercise rehabilitation, pain education and lifestyle advise to aid recovery.


Although Osteopaths are best known for treating back and neck pain successfully, patients also consult Osteopaths regarding a wide range of injuries and conditions.


What kind of problems can osteopathy help with?


Chronic or acute neck or back pain – can be caused by postural problems, hours seated at a desk or driving, trauma such as falls and lifestyle habits.


Elbow and Shoulder pain – changes in the shoulder can be age related or due to sport injuries or other forms of trauma


Ankle, Hip and Knee pain – typically found in sports people such as runners e.g. ‘runner’s knee’, trauma or age related changes


Arthritic pain – Wear and tear of joints cannot be reversed but osteopaths help maximise the function while minimising the pain of the affected joint. This is particularly beneficial to hips, knees and spine.

The postural changes of pregnancy – Both pregnancy and the period after giving birth are times when tremendous mechanical loads and changes are placed upon a woman’s body. Osteopathy can help cope with and adapt to these changes as well as treat neck, shoulder, back and leg symptoms as they arise.


This is not an exhaustive list. Osteopathy can help most musculoskeletal problems.

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