Stop Smoking

Dangers of Smoking and Benefits of Stopping


Dangers of continuing smoking

Of all risk-taking behaviour, smoking is the most dangerous


Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is the main cause of death due to smoking, taking more than 40,000 lives every year.


Heart Attack

A smoker is three times more likely to have a heart attack than a non-smoker.


Heart bypass

Nine out of ten people who require a heart bypass operation are smokers or have been.



Smoking kills more than 120,000 people in the UK every year (average of 300 plus a day). Smoking is linked to at least 14 different kinds of cancer, particularly affecting the liver, oesophagus and stomach.


Blood pressure

Smoking causes high blood pressure, a major risk factor for coronary heart disease.


High smoking risk

Even smoking a few cigarettes a day puts you at greater risk, and the more you smoke the more the likelihood of a heart attack.



Nicotine in cigarettes increases the amount of a blood cholesterol. Arteries can clog up with fatty tissue, leading to cardiovascular disease.


Benefits of stopping smoking


Within 20 minutes: Your blood pressure drops to normal, pulse rate drops to normal, and the temperature of your hands and feet returns to normal.

Within 8 hours: Carbon monoxide in the blood drops and oxygen increases, so you will feel more energetic and less tired.

Within 24 hours: The chance of a heart attack starts to decrease.

Within 48 hours: Nerve endings start to re grow so your sense of smell and taste returns, and you really can enjoy your food much more than ever. Because you are enjoying your food, you will feel full and satisfied with your meals, without thought of eating between meals.

Within 1 month: Circulation improves, so exercise, including walking becomes easier, and your lung function increases by up to one third.
Within 3 months: You can really feel your lungs becoming stronger, your energy levels increase overall. Coughing, sinus problems, tiredness, and shortness of breath all decrease. You are becoming fitter, healthier and wealthier too.
Within 1 year: Excess risk of heart disease is reducing more and more. You are feeling so much fitter, healthier, and wealthier.


Hypnotherapy and smoking cessation

It takes just one hour of hypnotherapy to quit smoking, for good. You can return to the natural state of a non-smoker during just one treatment session, without the use of any gadgets, patches, chewing gum, chemicals, or drugs.



If you try stopping smoking using your conscious will, then about 7% of people will stop. Using chewing gum, about 10% of people can stop. Using patches, about 16% of people can stop. (information source – ASH).


Hypnotherapy – the solution

The treatment has an acknowledged success rate of around 95%. In recent years, research conducted by both WHICH magazine and NEW SCIENTIST, independently of each other, concluded that hypnotherapy offered the most effective way of stopping smoking. Their findings were the results of in-depth studies of all methods of stopping smoking.


The easy way

Hypnotherapy requires no conscious effort of will. All you do need is the conscious and the sincere desire to stop smoking. Hypnotherapy works effectively because it removes any inner conflict between your desire and your imagination. All parts of your mind and the autonomic systems affecting your body work together to achieve your aim, as a result of hypnotherapy to be a natural non-smoker.


Hypnosis for healthy living can bring you a healthier, wealthier life.

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